A Solid Foundation!
You will learn the creative use of media and tools, increasing your ability to express yourself
visually while gaining understanding of the elements and principles of art and design.

Drawing is the foundational skill for all forms of visual art. According to your skill level, you will
learn basic skills in line, shape, value, form, texture and gesture. Working from observation, and your
pictorial references, imagination, and emotion, you will learn to employ various techniques to create
spatial illusion.

Sketchbooks will be used to document the progression of your acquired skills and self-expression.
You will also be encouraged to practice, outside of classroom time, the lessons you learn.

Painting classes will include an introduction to composition and color theory - the building blocks to
understanding how to use and apply color. With this foundation you will be able to develop your skills
and learn techniques to paint with a variety of mediums: watercolor, acrylic, oil sticks, pastels, and mixed
(Classes in oil painting will be available for advanced students.)

Connections with History
While the classes provide an artistic foundation, it is also essential to understand how what you learn
relates to the history of art and the impact art has on our daily lives - from ads to billboards to fashion.
Get a broader understanding of the significant role art history has played in our culture.
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs:
2-3:30pm / 4-5:30pm / 6:30-8pm

Sat: 10-11:30am / 12-1:30pm

Lessons (8+ through Adult): $40 per class


Arrangements can be made for other times and days.
(To discuss these special arrangements, please call 203-906-3459).